Salisbury Rotary Community Service Award

This program consists of two awards that recognizes EMS Division's Rookie and veteran of the year for distinguished service to the citizens of Salisbury and Rowan County. Nominations are gathered and submitted by the Division's supervisors. The awards are presented in May of each year by the Salisbury Rotary Club.

Veteran of the Year

Year Award Winner
2016 D. Reid Overcash
2015 William Hamrick
2014 Robbie Fox
2013 Renoda Burns
2012 Sally Kersey
2011 Crystal Linker
2010 Aaron Thurston
2009 Althea Smith
2008 Kevin Nail
2007 Renee Green
2006 TJ Brown
2005 Lawrence Kersey
2004 Lennie Cooper

Rookie of the Year

Year Award Winner
2016 Lindsay Campbell
2015 Dustin Earnhardt
2014 Selina Rodriguez
2013 James Hewitt
2012 Erich Byrd
2011 Kristin Estep
2010 Chris Warr
2009 Daniel Hallman
2008 Monica Evans
2007 David White
2006 Joey Sivula
2005 Daniel Robinson
2004 Carrie Newton