Acceptable Items for Recycling

Accepted at
Aluminum Cans
Rinse. Beverage cans only.
All locations
Auto Batteries
Car and truck only (no household batteries). Please place in appropriate containers.
All locations
No disposable batteries. Please place in appropriate containers.
All locations
Cardboard Flatten all boxes and remove any packing materials. All locations
All types of electronics are accepted. Recommend destroying or removing hard-drive. TVs are accepted at Recycling Processing Center only. All locations
Fire Extinguishers N/A Recycling Processing Center 
Glass Bottles/Jars Rinse. All colors are accepted. No ceramics, window glass, pyrex, drinking glass, or mirrors. All locations
Motor Oil and other fluids Motor oil, gear oil, automotive coolant, etc. Please dispose in appropriate containers. No solvents, gas, paint thinner, or other hazardous substances. Limit 5 gallons per visit. Campbell, and Goodnight Road sites only
Oil Filters Used oil filters are accepted. Campbell and Goodnight Road sites only
Paper Paperboard, junk mail, colored paper, phone books, soft back books, etc. No paper with food residue. All locations
Plastic Bottles and Jugs (Numbers 1 and 2 only) Rinse and discard lids. No automotive, pesticide, or chemical bottles accepted. All locations
Propane and Helium Tanks N/A  Recycling Processing Center 
Scrap Metal
Refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, and other scrap metal. No barrels, drums, or tanks. Please place in scrap metal area only.
All locations
Sharps All properly prepared sharps containers accepted. All locations
Steel Cans Food cans only. No pet food cans. Please rinse. All locations
Televisions All types accepted. Recycling Processing Center only
No rims please. No more than 5 per visit.
Landfill location only