Park Zoning

The Speedway Business Park is zoned under the Rowan County Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 21, Section 34) as "85-ED-2" classification.


As of January 1, 2005

(2)     85-ED-2. In areas where existing conditions such as surrounding development, access etc. may make the area less marketable for uses listed exclusively in the 85-ED-1 district then the 85-ED-2 district may be appropriate. The primary additions to this district are distribution and wholesaling operations.

a.     Certain industries shall be allowed as permitted uses with standards provided to protect adjacent neighborhoods. Other heavy industries and distribution and wholesale operations may be allowed as conditional uses.

If part of a larger master plan limited accessory and ancillary retail and service uses may be allowed.

Manufacturing group:

Printing and publishing (SIC 27).

Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products (SIC 30).

Fabricated metal products (SIC 34), except:

Ammunition, except for small arms (SIC 3483).

Ordnance and accessories (SIC 3849).

Industrial machinery and equipment (SIC 35).

Electrical and electronic equipment (SIC 36), except:

Power distribution and specialty transformers (SIC 3612).

Transportation equipment (SIC 37).

Instruments and related products (SIC 38).

Miscellaneous manufacturing industries (SIC 39).

b.     The following are allowed with the issuance of a conditional use permit:

Manufacturing group:

Lumber and wood products (SIC 24).

Furniture and fixtures (SIC 25).

Plastic materials, synthetic resins, etc. (SIC 282).

Drugs (SIC 283).

Paper and allied products (SIC 26).

Stone, clay, glass, and concrete products (SIC 32).

Primary metal industries (SIC 33).

Transportation, communication, and utilities group:

Local and interurban passenger transit (SIC 41).

Motor freight transportation and warehousing (SIC 42).

Transportation services (SIC 47).

Wholesale trade group:

Wholesale trade-durable goods (SIC 50).

Wholesale trade-nondurable goods (SIC 51).

Services group:

Racing, including track operation (SIC 7948).

c.     Approval of a PUD with a minimum lot size of 20 acres will allow the above uses in addition to accessory and ancillary uses on up to 10 percent of the total acreage.

Transportation, communication, and utilities group:

Local and interurban passenger transit (SIC 41).

Transportation services (SIC 47).

Retail trade group:

General merchandise stores (SIC 53).

Food stores (SIC 54).

Eating and drinking places (SIC 58).

Miscellaneous retail (SIC 59).

Finance, insurance, and real estate group:

Depository institutions (SIC 60).

Service industries group:

Hotels, rooming houses, camps, and other lodging places (SIC 70).

Personal services (SIC 72).

Business services (SIC 73).

Automotive repair, services, and parking (SIC 75).