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Posted on: June 16, 2017

Ellis Park Playground RFP

Background and Scope

A.  General Information

Rowan County Government is seeking a qualified playground equipment vendor to design and install a universally accessible and inclusive playground. The playground will replace an existing playground at Ellis Park which is located at 3541 Old Mocksville Road, Salisbury, NC 28144.  The vision of this playground is to provide a creative, unique play experience for children with/without disabilities and/or special needs and their families.  The goal is to exceed the ADA minimum requirements.

B.  General Conditions:

This RFP is not an offer to contract.  Acceptance of a proposal neither commits the County to award a contract to any contractor, even if all requirements stated in this RFP are satisfied, nor limits our right to negotiate in our best interest.  We reserve the right to contract with a vendor for reasons other than lowest price.

Please note:  Price will not be the only factor considered when selecting a vendor.  Rowan County is seeking the proposal with the best overall value to the County.

C.  Reservations:

Rowan County reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to cancel this RFP or any portion thereof, to reject all proposals or accept an alternate proposal.  The County also reserves the right to waive any immaterial defect in the proposal.  The proposal shall be good for a period of sixty (60) days from the opening of the proposal.  The County may seek clarification of the proposal at any time and any delayed response could be a cause for proposal rejection.  

D.  Incurred Costs:

Rowan County will not be liable for any costs incurred by respondents in replying to this RFP.

E.  Award:  

Award shall be made by Rowan County to the proposal that is determined to be the most advantageous to Rowan County.  

F.  Personal Examination:  

Proposal respondents are required to satisfy themselves, by personal examination of the site, as to the work involved and the difficulties that are likely to be encountered in the performance of the work under this proposal.  No plea of ignorance of conditions that exist now or hereafter, or of any conditions or difficulties that may be encountered in the execution of the work under this proposal will be accepted as an excuse for nonperformance of the duties, or any aspect of those duties.  Nor will same be accepted as basis for any claim for extra compensation, at any point.  A Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on this project will be held at 3541 Old Mocksville Road, Salisbury, NC on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 10:00 AM.

G.  Assignment

The proposal respondent may not reassign any award made, as a result of this RFP, without prior written consent of Rowan County.

H.  Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be reviewed and a contractor will be selected based on the following criteria (listed in no particular order):

  • Proposed Cost
  • Product
  • Customer Service and Account Management
  • Qualifications
  • Project Timeline
  • Methods of Operations 

I.  Proposal Instructions and Time Frames:

Respondents are to submit sealed proposals, which will be evaluated by Rowan County to determine the completeness of the proposal.  The sealed proposal must be clearly labeled on the outside of the envelope or package “Playground Proposal” in order to be considered.  Submit one marked original and two (2) complete copies of the proposal.  

Submission Location:
Rowan County Finance Department

Attn: David Sifford, Purchasing Agent

130 West Innes Street, Suite 110-120

Salisbury, NC 28144

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 3:00pm EST


David Sifford, Purchasing Agent

Rowan County Finance Department

130 W. Innes St., Salisbury, NC 28144 


*Note:  Bidders must contact David Sifford to indicate that they will be offering a proposal in order to receive addendum and/or changes to the RFP.

J. Scope:

This project will include design and 100% turn-key installation of a universally accessible and inclusive playground within an area of 95 feet x 90 feet (see attached site plan). Vendor must visit the project site and meet with the Ellis Park Manager prior to submitting a proposal to become familiar with the project scope. A mandatory pre-bid meeting must be attended.  The mandatory pre-bid meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 10:00 AM at Ellis Park.  Ellis Park is located at 3541 Old Mocksville Road, Salisbury, NC.  The playground budget will not exceed $331,199.

All playground equipment and safety surfacing must meet the following standards, with appropriate documentation provided: 

  • ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act - U.S. Access Board Summary of Accessibility

Guidelines for Play Areas 

  • CPSC – Consumer Products Safety Commission 
  • ASTM – The American Society for Testing Materials, including F1292 (impact attenuation) and F1951 (wheelchair accessibility) 
  • IPEMA – The International Playground Equipment Manufacturer’s Association
  • HIC- Head Injury Criterion is an empirical measure of the impact severity based on published research describing the relationship between the magnitude and the duration of impact accelerations and the risk of head trauma [ ASTM 1292-04 ]

K.  Project Timetable:

Request for Proposal  6/16/2017

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting  6/28/2017 10:00 AM

Proposals Due  7/18/2017 3:00 PM

Anticipated Award of Bid  8/7/2017

L.  Proposal Contents / Format:

The following sections/information will be considered integral to this solicitation. As such, please address each accordingly:

  1. Company profile and background.
  2. Experience – Proposal should include at least three examples of completed projects of similar type and scope, including the agency, name of contact person and total cost of project.
  3. Proposed solution overview.
  4. Proposed pricing and delivery date.

M.  General Specifications:

  • Color scale drawings, pictures, and complete specifications of the playground equipment and surrounding area. Materials used and dimensions must be included with the proposal.
  • Safety surface shall consist of a poured in place rubber. Surface must be troweled to provide a resilient, seamless rubber surface to be installed over a minimum four inch base of compacted crushed stone. The surface must be stable and slip resistant to comply with all requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. All manufacturer requirements for materials and installation must be adhered to. Complete specifications must be submitted with the proposal.
  • Copy of factory warranties for all equipment and safety surfacing must be provided.
  • Paint must be electrostatically applied formula of polyester powder.  All components will be free of sharp edges and excess weld splatter before coating. 
  • J-curb playground border to enclose entire playground area.  All hardware fasteners must be manufactured in accordance with ASTM Guide 1077. All fasteners connection and covering device shall be corrosive resistant or be provided with a corrosive resistant coating. When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, fasteners connecting and covering devices shall not loosen or be removable without the use of tools. Lock washers, self-locking nuts or other locking means shall be provided for all nuts and bolts to protect them from detachment. Hardware in moving joints shall also be secured against unintentional loosening. Moving suspended elements shall be connected to the fixed support with bearing surfaces that serve to reduce friction or wear. All hardware shall be designed to eliminate exposed nuts, bolts and protrusions. 
  • Installation of up to four (4) buddy benches and one (1) circular seating bench around the base of a designated tree. 
  • Safety surfacing (poured in place rubber) to include 33% of black, brown and tan coloring with a natural finish, and installed over a minimum four inch base of compacted crushed stone.
  • Excavate, grade, haul, and remove up to 19 trees and stumps; and any additional designated materials or debris.
  • Removal of existing playground structure and any other designated components.
  • Installation of nine parking lot concrete stop blocks.
  • Removal of existing playground mulch and dispose of it off site.

N.  Minimum Requirements: 

  • Support post size must have a minimum of five inches outside diameter tubing, including belt swings, bucket swings, and accessible swings.
  • All decks must be accessible by ramps or accessible stairs. Children who are in wheelchairs or utilizing mobility devices must be able to access the majority of elevated components by ramps and/or transfers.
  • Entry and exit ramps and all routes throughout the play structure and play area must have at least a 60” width.  All transfer decks must be accessible.
  • Play equipment must be suitable for ages 2-12.
  • Safety surfacing: poured in place rubber to include 33% of black, brown and tan coloring with a natural finish and j-curb border.
  • At least four (4) slides, of varying heights and shapes.
  • At least one (1) glide/sway motion activity that can simultaneously be used by able bodied and wheelchair bound children together. 
  • At least eight (8) interactive panels, to include audible, sensory, and/or tactile activities, some of which must be located at ground level. 
  • One (1) bay swing structure to consist of two (2) bucket seats, two (2) accessible seats, and two (2) belt swings.
  • At least five (5) free standing/ground level play structures that can be climbed onto but also provide interior play space for children of all ability levels.
  • Provide play activities that will provide a comfortable approach and reach for children who may be standing or sitting while engaged in the play activities.
  • At least four (4) park benches facing the play equipment that will consist of buddy benches and circular seating bench around a designated tree.
  • Play structure to include shade roofing (roto molded roof structures). Shade roofing may vary in size depending on design.  Shade roofing must include installation, concrete base, and all steel posts.  All support posts must have a minimum of five inch outside diameter.
  • Playground layout and design must offer opportunities for children of all abilities to interact and socialize together, as well as promote independent play.  

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