What has worked and why is there a plumbing grant?
  • The conversion to Zinc Orthophosphate has proven to be the most successful solution in preventing lead leaching from inside plumbing for homes with lead solder joints.   We have seen this in both of our 6-month sampling periods for Lead and Copper compliance for the last year (2022).   This chemical is safe to drink and works over time with water flow through the interior plumbing. 
  • While Rowan County recognizes that the solutions in place are required and do work to bring down lead levels in drinking water to safe levels, there may be specific cases with customers on the Northeast Water System, that the most effective solution is for interior plumbing replacement which is above and beyond State and Federal standards.  

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1. What has been done to reduce Lead exposure in the Northeast Water System?
2. What has worked and why is there a plumbing grant?
3. How are costs of the plumbing grant funded?
4. How are you measuring success for those that participate in the plumbing grant program?
5. Are there any costs for me to perform voluntary water sampling for Lead and Copper?