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Rowan Creek Week Event Form

  1. What
  2. Where
  3. When
  4. The Rowan Creek Week Planning Committee will strive to schedule your event on your proposed date/time.
  5. How
  6. Do participants need to register for your event?
  7. Is there a fee to participate in your event?
  8. Is there any type of renewal, certification, or continuing education credit available by participating in your event?
  9. Marketing & Promotion
  10. Rowan Creek Week will promote all events on our website,, and on social media using the hashtag "#rowancreekweek". Please help us promote your events by completing this section.
  11. We would like to add your logo to our website as well as have it printed on our t-shirts and other promotional materials. Please provide a full-color logo for web promotion and a vector logo file (if possible) for professional printing.
  12. Please share any images that we may use to help promote your event
  13. Presenters/workers will be given a Creek Week t-shirt. Please specify below the number of shirts needed and their sizes.
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