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Text Messaging Device Setup

  1. The following rules will apply to all personnel.
    This form must have the chief's name of the department you're requesting to receive pages.

    A monthly report will be ran and any device that fails more than 3 times in one month will be dropped.

    Only 2 devices per person will be allowed. You may have one pager and one cell phone. Additional cell phones require special approval by the Chief and the 911 Director.

    The county can only use the following carriers:
    - AT&T
    - BOOST
    - RCS - Paging
    - Sprint
    - T-Mobile
    - USA Mobility
    - Verizon

    You must answer any test pages sent to your device in order to be added to the group. Because there are different settings for some carriers, they may require that a test message be sent to assure your unit is receiving properly.

    Please select the appropriate box.
    - Add – you do not currently have a device in the system
    - Delete – you wish your device be totally removed from the system.
    - Update – you are in the system and updating information such as a new carrier, new phone number, adding your device to a new group, etc.

    Please notify the center anytime you change carriers and numbers. Numbers are reused and we receive calls from people that have taken your old number.

    If you are unsure about any of these issues, please call communications at 704-216-8510 and speak with Rob Robison directly before filling out this form.
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