The Rowan County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is commanded by Patrol Captain L. R. St.Clair. The patrol division consists of four Lieutenants: C. D. Williams, J.S. Nelson, K.L. Myers, and J.S. Burleyson. The lieutenants are in charge of the daily administration function of the Sheriff's Office.


The Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division consists of different units (squads), each of which is supervised by a sergeant. The sergeant is responsible for scheduling of manpower, location assignments and the day-to-day supervision of the unit.  Each unit has a sergeant, a master deputy and a number of deputies depending on the units responsibilities.  These units consist of :

Patrol Squads

Patrol Squads - 4 consisting of a sergeant (Sergeant M. Murray, Sergeant A. Rowland, Sergeant  W. Smith, and Sergeant R. Barkley), 2 master deputies, and patrol officers. These squads are responsible for answering calls for service, serving court processes (criminal and civil papers) and assist small law enforcement agencies as back-up on calls.

Civil Squad

Civil Squad - 1 consisting of a Lieutenant, (Lieutenant J. A. Owens) and a sergeant (Sergeant J. Lombard) and  master deputies and deputies. Responsible for serving evictions, executions, specialized civil papers and Department of Social Service processes.

Court Security

Court Security - 1 consisting of a lieutenant (Lieutenant B. T. Rucker) and a Sergeant (Sergeant G. Bacote), master deputies, bailiffs, security deputies and 1 K-9 deputy. Responsible for court house and court room security for courts and Justice Center.


Transportation - 1 consisting of 1 full-time and 8 part-time deputies. Responsible for transporting prisoners and mental commitments from Rowan County to other facilities throughout the state.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Special Deputy Division

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office provides additional law enforcement coverage for the citizens of Rowan County through the Special Deputy Division. Special Deputy’s are divided into three divisions: Active Special Deputy, Active Senior Reserves and In-Active Reserves. The special deputy division is supervised by Special Deputy Captain H. Bost. Active Special Deputy’s are assigned to 4 squads and supervised by Lt. A. Down, Sergeant R. Miller and Sergeant J. Sharp.  Each Active Special Deputy team consists of 6 officers including a supervisor. Each Active Senior Reserve Team consists of 4 officers. 

The Special Deputy Division provides a verity of services for the Sheriff’s Office and the Citizens of Rowan County at no cost. These officers volunteer their time to assist in Road Patrol, Civil Execution, Court Bailiff, Detention Center Visitation and Transportation needs. In addition the Special Deputy Division is assigned monthly Projects; Rowan County Fair Security, Faith Fourth of July Celebration Security; China Grove Farmers Day Security, Relay for Life, Dead-Beat Parents Round-Up, Sex Offender Residence Checks and many other civic events.

Special Deputy Requirements

Active Special Deputy

  • Active Special Deputies must obtain 18 volunteer hours per quarter. 
  • If and officer doesn’t maintain his/her volunteer hours in the first quarter he/she must make that time up in addition to the next quarters 18 hours. Failure to do so will result in the officer being placed in-active or terminated. Volunteer hours can be obtained through working Patrol, Court House Security, Bailiff, Detention Center Visitation or Special Functions (fair, parade). These hours need to be coordinated and approved through the Special Deputy Supervisor. 
  • Officers are not allowed to conduct any secondary paid working hours until their volunteer hours are caught up to date. Part-time paid hours will not count towards volunteer hours. Officers are required to complete Secondary Employment Forms before any part-time paid duty. 
  • Officers must attend the Special Deputy Meetings held bi-monthly. 
  • Officers must attend all mandated in-service training. These hours do count towards volunteer hours. 
  • Officers are not allowed to operate a county owned vehicle until they have attended an Records Management System training class and are proficient in computer use. 
  • Active Special Deputies must report there volunteer hours to their assigned supervisor so a monthly report can be completed and submitted to the Administrative Staff. 
  • Special Deputy Supervisors will coordinate an on-call list of officers to assist with special needs that arise such as Broughton Trips, Crime Scene Security and Court Security for major trials, etc. 
  • Any violation of NC law that results in a citation or arrest must be reported immediately to a Special Deputy Supervisor to be forwarded up the chain of command. These violations must be reported to Sheriffs’ Standards. 

Active Senior Reserves

  • Active Senior Reserves must obtain 18 volunteer hours per year. 
  • Officers must attend all mandated in-service training. 
  • Officers must assist with the 4th of July Parade and the Rowan County Fair. 
  • Officers must attend the Special Deputy Meeting set bi-monthly. 
  • Officers not complying with the regulations will not be able to work secondary paid employment through the Sheriff’s Office and are subject to being placed in-active or terminated at year end. Officers are required to complete Secondary Employment Forms before Part-time paid duty. 
  • Any violation of NC law that results in a citation or arrest must be reported immediately to a Special Deputy Supervisor to be forwarded up the chain of command. These violations must be reported to Sheriffs’ Standards 

Inactive Reserves

Inactive Reserves are occupied by prior Rowan County Sheriff’s Officers only. As an Inactive Reserve, the officer has no issued equipment, no Identification Cards, and is placed in a non-authorized to carry firearm status with Sheriffs’ Standards. These officers have no powers of arrest. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office holds the officers Law Enforcement Certification with Sheriffs’ Standards only.

Become a Special Deputy

If you have an interest in becoming a Special Deputy with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office contact:

Captain H. W. Bost
Special Deputy Captain
Rowan County Sheriff Office
Phone: 704-216-8700

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