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Adoption Waiting List

  1. Disclaimer
    This form will allow animals still on their stray holding period to be reserved for adoption on the date of their availability in the order that applications are received.

    By signing this document, I am agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. I understand that the animal listed below is currently on a stray holding period, but should the owner not come to redeem their pet, this animal may become available for adoption at the discretion of the Rowan County Animal Services Department.

    By signing below, I agree that I am interested in adopting said animal and understand that I will be put on a list of potential adopters in the order that applications are received. Said animal will be available for adoption to the applicants in the order of arrival of their applications for 1 hour intervals on the date of the animal’s availability and at the time of the Shelter’s opening to the public.

    I understand that if said animal is currently being medically fostered, that I will be required to reimburse the medical foster for any veterinary expenses that they have incurred during their term as foster. At the time of adoption, the medical foster will make known all expenses incurred by presenting all veterinary bills acquired during the term of fostering.

    I understand that applicants may forfeit their right to adoption by either stating that they are no longer interested or should they be unavailable at the time of adoption, the opportunity to adopt will move to the next applicant listed, and so on and so forth until such time that all adoption paperwork has been completed, deeming the animal officially adopted.

    Applicants are limited to signing one waiting list per day. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
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