Rowan Public Library Foundation

Why the Library Has a Foundation 

With a few hundred books and some dedicated volunteers, the first public library in Rowan County opened for business in 1911. Following the lead of the Travelers' Club, local citizens devoted their personal attention and resources to the library's development. Its importance to the community has grown steadily over the decades. Today, Rowan County has one of the finest and busiest libraries in North Carolina.

For much of its history, the library has received not only tax dollars, but also private support from individuals, businesses, and Friends of the Library. This combination of public funds and private gifts has enabled the public library to build and maintain excellent collections, services, and facilities for the use of all Rowan County citizens. 

Now, for the long-term advancement of the library, the Trustees and the Friends of the Library have established the Rowan Public Library Foundation. The Foundation, which operates with its own board, is set up to receive substantial donations of behalf of the library and manage these donations wisely. The Foundation is also a catalyst for attracting private funding and endowments that will enable Rowan County to continue to have an outstanding public library.

How the Foundation Supports the Library

The Foundation's first major goal is the creation of a permanent endowment to support the library's collections of materials. A portion of the income from this growing endowment is used each year to strengthen the library's collections of books, computer resources, DVDs, audiobooks, and periodicals.

How to Make Contributions to the Foundation

An endowment can be established for $1,000 or more, which will enrich the Rowan Public Library for generations. Each year, in perpetuity, a book or other library material will be acquired in the name of the donor, or in the name of a friend, or loved one, designated by the donor. The donor may determine the subject area, type of library material, and the library location of the gift. Larger endowments can be established to fund major collection development or special library programs and events. All endowments are recognized by a name plate on each acquisition, and acknowledged on a plaque at the library headquarters.

Gifts & Bequests

Gifts and bequests may be made to the Rowan Public Library Foundation in the form of cash, securities, other assets, or planned gifts of life insurance. An endowment may also be pledged and paid over a specified time period.

Tax-Exempt Status

The Foundation is a tax-exempt public 501 (c)(3) foundation (tax identification number 56-1762134) and all contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


For more information or to make a donation, please call 704-216-8231.

Board of Directors

  • Phillip Barton, Executive Director
  • Dale Basinger, President (2019)
  • William R. (Bill) Burgin, Treasurer 
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • Barbara Corriher
  • Gary Freeze (ex officio)
  • Jeff Hall (ex officio)
  • Sammie Hinshaw (ex officio)
  • Betty Mickle
  • Melody Moxley
  • David Swaim
  • Walter Wall
  • Nan Zimmerman