About Shield a Badge

Bernadette and Peter Henz Jr. founded the "Shield a Badge with a Prayer" program in 1988.  In 1983, one of her four sons became a Police Officer for the Arlington Police Department.  Mrs. Henz found herself praying daily for his safety, good judgement, and a safe return home.  The daily prayers for his safety slowly were joined in by close friends and by her church prayer group.  When two of her other sons became officers, Mrs. Henz realized all officers need prayers of safety and thus the idea of "Shield a Badge" was formed.

The "Shield a Badge" program was first started for the officers of the Arlington Police Department, and since then has spread to other Police Departments.  Currently, there are "Shield a Badge" programs in many departments across the United States and in Canada.

Chaplain Taylor Brings Shield a Badge to Rowan

Reverend Michael Taylor has been a chaplain with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office since 1993 and pastor at Phaniels Baptist Church in Rockwell since 1992. In 1995, Chaplain Taylor began a Shield a Badge program in Rowan County in response to a clear need for our community to come together and cover law enforcement officers in prayer, love, and support.

Chaplain Taylor has traveled across the 100 counties of North Carolina visiting sheriff's offices to encourage those who do not have chaplains, to help enlist and train a chaplain to serve their various departments. He uses the resources of the NC Sheriff's Chaplain Association and offers training and support in:

  • Officer Stress
  • Family Support
  • Suicidal Counseling
  • Death Notification
  • Hostage Situations
  • Volunteer Jail Ministry Workers
  • Jail Aftercare


Chaplain Taylor has earned numerous awards for his lifelong efforts including the Long Leaf Pine Award of NC, and is listed in the Official Register of Outstanding Americans.