My Library Account

My Library Account can help you manage your account in a number of ways.  You can view or print the items you have checked out (loans), check your due dates, renew items, place holds, change your pin, create a reading list for your recollection or to share, and view any fines you may have. My Library Account is available 24/7 from anywhere using a web-enabled phone, an iPad or other device, a laptop, or a desktop computer. 

To login to My Library Account, enter your card number including the zeros into the login screen, along with the four-digit pin that was set up when your card was issued.  If you do not remember your pin, you will need to call any branch or the mainline to reset it. Access My Library Account.

Account Summary

This page will offers you a summary view the number of items you have on loan, the number you have on hold, and allow you to change your four-digit pin.  It will also show your account status and allow you to create an EZ Login with your self-chosen username and password.

Account Activity

Renew Items

On this page, you can renew items, place holds, cancel holds, or suspend holds.  To renew items, choose Account Activity from the tabs in My Library Account.  Here you can also should find a list of all the items checked out to you, and sort items by Status, Due Date, Author, or Title. On the left is a Renew Checkbox.  By clicking in the Renew Checkbox you may renew all your items at once, or just click the checkbox next to the items you wish to renew. You may renew items that are not in demand by another borrower twice for an additional two weeks each time.  The renewal starts from the day you renew.

Place Holds

To place holds for items you must be logged in to My Library Account.  Once logged in, simply locate items in the catalog by using the search bar at the top. You can search by title, author, subject, or other keyword.  Once you find an item listed that you want, click the Place Hold button below the listing.  If you want to place a hold on many items on the page or begin a list of items, click the check box at the far right next to the Select Action drop-down menu.  This will allow you to add the titles to a list for later and or place a hold for multiple titles at once.

Cancel a Hold

Should you obtain a book by other means and/or wish to cancel your hold, you may cancel it by clicking on "Cancel" beneath the item to allow it to move on to others who may want the item.

Suspend a Hold 

Should you be unable to pick up a hold due to an unforeseen circumstance or due to a vacation, you may suspend you hold for another time.  Simply click "Suspend Until" and choose the next date you will be available again from the calendar.

Saved Lists

Should you wish to create a list of books on a topic, or by a special author, or for a project, you may create and save a list by searching for the items and clicking "Add to List" to create a working list.  It is possible to create more than one list.  Once you have a list, you can place a hold on all items at once, print the list, share it with a friend, or you can simply use it for your own recollection of what you have read, or for future reference.

Saved Searches

Should a search be fruitful, or you wish to search for new items in a particular genre or by a particular author periodically, you can save your search under "Save Searches".  This will allow you to search periodically for any new mystery books that may have come in, or anything new by an author you enjoy for example.