Pretrial Services


The primary purpose of the pretrial service program is to reduce the overall population of the Rowan County Detention Center and maintain a reasonable population in the Center for the safety and well being of employees and detainees. After a period of 72 hours, only those detainees who have been determined by the judicial system as eligible for bonding conditions (original or revised) under the approved bond release standards as issued by the resident Superior Court Judge but have not been to meet the specific bonding requirements will be considered for the services.

Program Details

  • Assist in process of release of those arrested who present unusual or emergency medical conditions where it is felt that the Detention Center cannot adequately provide such services.
  • Assist in the continuing review of persons arrested and placed in the Rowan County Detention Center whose bonds amounts appear to be in excess of reasonable standards, thus diminishing the chances of their release from the Center prior to trial date.
  • Assist in the identification of person arrested whose charge(s), if convicted with prior criminal history taken under consideration, will not result in any active tern as a sentenced offender in the Department of Corrections of Rowan County Detention Center under Structured Sentencing.
  • Assist in the pretrial release of those persons who have been arrested and provided conditions for bonding and release while awaiting trial by the magistrates, but have not been able to secure the necessary arrangement reputable family member, friend or other person to ensure appearance for court.
  • Assist in the process for the release of those arrested that present special family situations and requirements where it is felt that some form of pretrial services may stabilize and/or maintain an existing structure.
  • Consider primarily detainees whose bonds are $5,000 or less, but may consider other amounts if directed by the courts.
  • Focus primarily on misdemeanor offenses and “H” and “I” felonies, though classifications will not guarantee automatic consideration and eligibility.