Economic Services

APPLICATIONS FOR BENEFITS can be made at your local DSS office; online at ePASS portal; by mail, phone, or by fax with a printed application. Phone request for printed applications can be made by calling 704-216-8330. The date of the application is based on when the local DSS agency receives the document in the agency. Applications must be signed by applicant and it is important to list as much information on the application as possible. Applicants are welcomed to send any verifications with the application regarding eligibility requirements.

NC Department of Health and Human Services set policies and guidelines for the following programs administered through the local Department of Social Services. For more information please visit:
  1. Economic Services Division

  2. Rae Alepa

    Deputy Director

  3. Sheila Holshouser

    Sheila Holshouser

    Program Administrator

  4. Billie Culp

    Billie Culp

    Social Services Program Manager