Sixth Grade Programs

Vegetation Investigation

In this program students learn the value of plants, as they relate to the environment as a whole. Students will understand the process of photosynthesis and how it differs from cellular respiration. They will learn the parts of a plant and learn to identify some common plants. Weather permitting, we will take a stroll outside for the plant identification portion of the program.  

6.L.1 Standard

Understand the structures, processes and behaviors of plants that enable them to survive and reproduce.

Green raspberry bush leaves

Soil Sleuths

In this program students get hands-on while investigating different soil types. They will learn what makes soil by exploring different components of soils including rocks, minerals, and organic matter. We will begin to understand the value of good soil health and ways we can help conserve soil. 

6.E.2.3 Standard

Explain how the formation of soil is related to the parent rock type and the environment in which it develops. 

6.E.2.4 Standard

Conclude that the good health of humans requires: monitoring the lithosphere, maintaining soil quality and stewardship.

Garden spade stuck in wooden crate of soil