Virtual Programs

Rowan Wild has recently expanded our program offerings to include virtual programming! All of our virtual programs are hosted through the Zoom platform. Below is a list of our current selection of virtual programs. All programs can  be scheduled Monday-Friday anytime from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Each of our virtual programs has a minimum of 5 participants required. To schedule a program visit our Schedule a Program page.

Animal Program

Ages: Preschool and above

Program length: 30-45 minutes

This program allows participants an up close look at several of our animal ambassadors. We discuss basic natural history, species adaptions, and personal history on each animal shown during the program. These programs can be tailored for any audience from preschool to collegiate science classes and everything in between.

Poisonous Plants & Venomous Animals of NC

Ages: 3rd grade and above
Program length: 30-45 minutes

This presentation is designed to give a basic understanding of what poisonous and venomous mean as well as give examples of native North Carolina species of plants and animals that you should be on the lookout for. This program does not feature any live animals, however some preserve specimens are occasionally used.

Skulls and Skins

Ages: 3rd grade and above
Program length: 30-45 minutes*

*This program can be shortened if desired. 

This program allows us to showcase some of our larger animal ambassadors that we typically cannot bring into the classroom through the use of skulls, animal furs, and other bio-facts. This program typically discusses 3-4 native North Carolina animals, and goes into detail about their natural history, adaptations, and conservation.

Working Wild

Ages: 6th grade and above
Program length: 30-45 minutes

Working Wild is a program designed to give those interested in working with animals a brief overview of the many jobs that work with animals, as well as allow them a chance to hear first hand from our staff what exactly they had to do to land a job working with animals.

How do you Zoo?

Ages: Kindergarten and above
Program length: 30-45 minutes

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of running a zoo? Are you curious about what it takes to care for a collection of wild animals? This program answers those questions by providing an in depth look into how our facility operates.

Species Specific Animal Programs

Snakes of North Carolina

Turtles of North Carolina

Raptors of North Carolina

White-tailed Deer

Black Bears

Red Wolves and Red Wolf Recovery

Ages: 3rd grade and above
Program length: 30-45 minutes

Each of the above programs is an in depth look at the natural history, adaptations, and conservation efforts of that specific species/group of animals.

Printable list of Virtual Programs