Rowan County Public Health (RCPH) has launched a new COVID-19 health campaign called #RowanSTRONGER. Our goal is to ensure that RCPH is prepared for any future variants, while working towards improving countywide community health. If we can transition our stance from treating a pandemic to managing an endemic, we can aim to improve vaccination rates, lower viral transmission, and increase awareness of COVID-19 safety. 

Think you may have COVID? 

If you or a loved one are interested in getting tested AND treated for COVID, click on the link below for a 2-in-1 stop! 


I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Sticker laying on top of a calendar


Below is an overview of our #RowanSTRONGER acronym and what it means for our citizens of Rowan County! 

S - Shots Vaccinations are the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Call 980-432-1800 to schedule your vaccine appointment within the health department, or email Covid-19@rowancountync.gov 

T - Testing We will continue testing and providing resources such as COVID information and at-home test kits. Click this  link to see where you can get tested within Rowan County.  

R - Readiness - We are prepared for new COVID-19 variants, or spikes in positive cases, using CDC's new prevention tools. Arrange to pick up COVID-19 at-home test kits and N95 masks before your family holidays, vacations, and the new school year. These items are available at no cost to you. Please call 980-432-1800 or email Covid-19@rowancountync.gov to schedule a pick-up. 

O - Outreach - We will work to improve outreach efforts throughout the entire county; including rural communities. RCPH has been working diligently to set up events throughout the county; providing N95 masks, hand sanitizer, at-home test kits and more. Call us at 980-432-1800 or email Covid-19@rowancountync.gov to have us at your next event! 

N - New Normal - Covid-19 is here to stay; we are making the transition from "pandemic" to "endemic". Group efforts to work together will ensure everyone is able to safely move forward. 

G - Goals - We want vaccine rates to increase among appropriate age groups. Our goal is to ensure that we provide the proper resources to our community. Please call us at 980-432-1800 to obtain N95 face masks, at-home test kits, or to schedule a vaccination appointment at your convenience. 

E - Education - We strive to inform our community with the most accurate information. Please call us at 980-432-1800 or email Covid-19@rowancountync.gov for any questions or concerns that you may have. 

R - Responsibility/Resilience - We are committed to improving baseline health of local residents by implementing existing programs such as "Healthy Rowan" and "Rowan Moves". Please call us at 980-432-1800 for more information on how to join our wellness community! 

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