Child Protective In-Home Services

family looking at the sun under a tree

What are In-Home Family Services (IHFS)?

In-Home Family Services provide support beyond the Child Protective Services investigation or assessment.  It is a legally mandated service provided to families where evidence of abuse, neglect or dependency is found, or the family is in need of services.  Children remain in the legal custody of their parent(s), while this service is being provided.  The agency is responsible for making reasonable efforts to maintain the child safely in the home, but when safety cannot be assured, the agency is mandated to take immediate action to protect the child by providing safe and nurturing substitute care. 

Goals for In-Home Family Services:

  • To maintain the safety and wellbeing of children;
  • To maintain children in their own families; and
  • To strengthen the family’s ability to protect and nurture its children

How do In-Home Family Services Begin?

Once the decision is made to provide IHFS following the investigation or assessment, a Child and Family Team (CFT) meeting is arranged.  Child and Family Team members include the family members, their community supports, and the social worker who come together to develop a plan (family services agreement). The Child and Family Team meeting is facilitated.  We recognize and respect the family as the expert on its children; therefore the CFT utilizes a team approach to developing a specific plan for the family.  The plan builds on the strengths of the child and family and addresses trauma, their needs, desires and dreams.  

Family-Focused Intervention

Intervention is family-focused and may include:

  • Announced and unannounced home visits
  • Counseling
  • Consultation with other professionals
  • Frequent and regular contacts with all family members
  • Help in accessing appropriate services
  • Information and referral to community resources
  • On-going evaluation and assessment
  • Parenting education
  • School or daycare visits
  • Trauma screening