Program Focus

The Rowan County One Church One Child Program is a mission/outreach program between Rowan County Department of Social Services (DSS) and local churches that is designed to make a difference in the lives of children and families by:

  • Helping to meet the needs of children and families served by Rowan County Department of Social Services Children’s Services Division.
  • Supporting foster parents and relatives who care for Rowan County’s children in foster care.
  • Educating church members about the needs of Rowan County children and families who need support and assistance.

Commitment of Member Church Pastors

  • Recruit a lay person to be church coordinator and contact person between the church and DSS.
  • Support the sponsoring of one program or project during the year about foster care/adoption and the needs of families.
  • Provide space for an informational center. Materials are provided by DSS.
  • Keep the message about the needs of children and families before the congregation throughout the year.

Role of the Church Coordinator

  • Serve as liaison between the church and DSS.
  • Articulate the program to church members during the year.
  • Coordinate one project in the church during the year.
  • Coordinate the church resource center.
  • Attend the Spring Annual Celebration Banquet and the Fall Church Coordinators and Pastors Meeting.    

Rowan County DSS Will:

  • Train and support church coordinators.
  • Provide all printed materials for the resource center and other publications.
  • Plan and host meetings for church coordinators and pastors.
  • Provide special recognition for member churches.