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Thank you for considering Rowan County Public Health and the HOPE Team as a resource for your needs. Whether you have questions, want to get involved, or simply wish to reach out, we're eager to connect with you. Your feedback and inquiries are valuable to us, and we're committed to providing the support and information you seek.

How to Reach Us

General Inquiries

For general questions, information about our programs, training or service requests, or any other non-urgent matters, please feel free to contact us via telephone, by email, or the provided Request for Services form below.

Emergency Assistance 

If you require immediate assistance or are in a crisis, please don't hesitate to call emergency services in your area. If you need specific resources related to our services, we've provided emergency contact information below.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to make a positive impact in our community.

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  1. Please complete this form and one of our HOPE team members will reach out. For presentations, please submit request at least three weeks in advance of the requested date.
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