Alice Stanback Monument Forest

Situated on top of the hill that guards our beautiful valley the Alice Stanback Monument Forest provides a lovely garden setting where patrons can honor loved ones with trees, flowerbeds, or park benches. Ten acres of flowerbeds and trees set this "park within a park" apart from the fast pace modern life.  

Arbor with vine in Alice Stanback Memorial Forest


The premise of the Alice Stanback Monument Forest is to create a colorful and bountiful green space. This ongoing project incorporates the public's demands for green space conservation and their need to contribute to the process. This special area allows the park patron to provide lifetime sponsorship of a tree, a bench, a flowerbed, or a bird feeder.  

There are many opportunities to make one's mark in this world. This is a great opportunity. The Alice Stanback Monument Forest provides an area for you to tell our community that you care about green spaces and parks. To show that you recognize the importance of our parks and the part they play in the well being of our community. 


You have a chance to provide a living monument expressing the hope of tomorrow. Your donation to the Alice Stanback Monument Forest will be maintained as a perpetual monument complete with a plaque listing the donor and/or honoree's name. Each tree will be planted in an area as specified in the monument forest's master plan. This area is maintained as a "park within a park," complete with walkways, benches, flowerbeds, beautiful trees, and educational signage. Contact the Sloan Park office for ways to give.


This area has been incorporated into the Henry W. Culp, Jr. Famous and Historic Tree trail. It is adjacent to the arbor and provides a peaceful setting to continue a pleasant stroll or to sit and rest within a garden setting.