Civil Division

Service of Paper Fees

  • Any Civil Paper from In-State - $30
  • Any Civil Paper from Out-of-State - $75
  • Any Criminal Subpoena - $5
Sheriff Badge

Child Support

Within this division there are seven Deputies assigned to serve primarily child support papers, subpoenas related to Department of Social Services cases, and child support orders for arrest. These Deputies are a cooperative arrangement between Rowan County Department of Social Services, the Rowan County Courts and the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.


There are seven Deputies within the division whose primary responsibilities include assisting the public with foreclosures and providing service to plaintiffs who require assistance retrieving property or money as directed by the court.


We have seven Deputies whose primary duty is to serve civil papers concerning evictions and to execute evictions.


1 more full-time Deputy's primary duty is to handle walk in traffic which comes into the Main Street Lobby entrance to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office. This Deputy handles a number of situations including completing reports, directing individuals with questions, releasing towed vehicles, and completing gun permits.

Office Assistants

In addition to the Deputy Sheriff's in the office there are three full-time office assistants who share this space. The office Assistants have many responsibilities including data entry for civil papers and protective orders, payroll duties, fingerprinting, and assistance with walk in traffic to the lobby.

Experience & Training

There is significant and diverse experience and training in this division. Most Deputies have their Advanced Law Enforcement Certification from the Sheriff's Education and Training Standards Commission. Along with specific responsibilities, Deputies are also cross trained and work along with patrol when needed to answer calls for service.


The Deputies in the Civil Division work mainly from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. At least one night per week a Civil Division Deputy is working to serve papers to make the service more convenient for citizens who work a day schedule.

The Rowan County Sheriff's Office Civil Division is supervised by Lieutenant J. A. Owens.