Handgun Permits

Concealed Handgun Permit

In July 1995, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a Concealed Carry Handgun law that allows qualifying citizens the opportunity to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

Application Process

To apply, you will need to complete an approved Firearms Safety and Training Course. We do not teach this class at the Sheriff's office, but you can view a list of qualified instructors in Rowan County (PDF). 

The Rowan County Sheriff's Office utilizes an online process for appointments and applications. To make your appointment and complete the application, visit the Online Site, or call the Landis Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8742 for assistance making your appointment.

Items Needed

On the day of your appointment you will need:    

  • Original Certificate from Firearms Course 
  • Cash or check for $90 if you did not pay online
  • Valid Driver's License with correct address 

Additional Information

All other forms will be explained to you, completed and notarized during your appointment. You will also be fingerprinted at this time.  

Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal

Permits need to be renewed within 60 days of your expiration. Do not let your permit expire. 

Apply to renew online and make an appointment, or call the Landis Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8742 for assistance making your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, all forms will be completed and explained to you and notarized. 


There is a $75 renewal fee (cash or check) due the day of your appointment if you did not pay online. 

Permit Holder Contact Information

If you move, it is your responsibility to contact this office to complete a change of address form.

The address on your NC Driver's License and your Concealed Carry Permit must match to be valid.

Pistol Purchase Permit

Senate Bill 41 was enacted into law after the North Carolina General Assembly overrode the Governor's veto.  One of the major components of SB 41 is that it repeals the requirement to get a pistol permit in order to buy or receive a handgun in North Carolina. Therefore anyone wishing to purchase a handgun from a federally licensed firearms dealer, effective March 29, 2023, would NOT have to present a pistol purchase permit in order to do so. The firearms dealer would simply conduct an inquiry on the individual through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).