Zoning Administration

Zoning is the act of designating property for inclusion into districts or "zones" that correspond to a set of guidelines for development and land use contained within the Zoning Ordinance. With few exceptions, zoning applies to proposed buildings, property improvements, and the general use thereof. For more information, contact department staff.

Determining Zoning Jurisdiction

All property within Rowan County is located within a zoning district administered by either Rowan County or one of the county's 10 municipalities' jurisdiction. To verify jurisdiction visit the Rowan County GIS Website

Soil Evaluation (Perc Test)

To have a soil evaluation (formerly perc test) or an existing septic evaluation, you must first obtain a Preliminary Zoning Review.  You will need your parcel Identification number, the proposed use of the property and a site plan.  You may use our template for basic site plan to sketch the proposed location of the structure and driveway.  

After obtaining your Preliminary Zoning Review, you can complete the Environmental Health Soil Evaluation Application to evaluate for a new or existing septic site.

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Obtaining a Zoning Permit

In most instances, zoning permits for residential uses are issued free of charge to walk-in customers shortly after arrival. However some requests may require a prior action such as a property survey to establish a new lot or locate a proposed structure before the issuance of permits. Department staff will assist customers in determining available options to accommodate a request but instances do occur where permits cannot be issued. Customers who are unfamiliar with the permitting process or uncertain if a request would comply with applicable ordinances should contact staff for assistance. Permit requests that involve a non-residential use should be discussed with staff to ensure appropriate steps are taken in advance of the request.

Zoning Enforcement

Rowan County Enforcement Officer, Ryan Mickey is responsible for all zoning complaints and codes enforcement. All zoning issues are complaint driven, so without a complaint filed, your concerns may not be known to the Planning and Development Department.

To file a complaint, please contact 704-216-8588 or complete a Complaint Form (PDF) or Minimum Housing Standards Petition (PDF) and submit to the Planning and Development Department.

Naming a New Road

When a driveway has three or more addressed structures accessing off of it, the Addressing Ordinance requires that the driveway be named.  To start this process fill out a Road Naming Petition (PDF) and turn it into the Planning and Development Department. The petition will then be turned into the Board of Commissioners for a decision. For more information, please contact the Planning and Development Department.

Getting a New Address

Rowan County adopted an Addressing Ordinance (PDF) to ensure that efficient police, fire and emergency services are provided to the citizens of Rowan County. This ordinance requires all new homes to be assigned numbers by the Planning and Development Department staff in according with accepted procedures. Planning staff will issue an address at the time a zoning permit is applied for.  

To ensure your address is as accurate as possible please prepare a site plan with the location of your home and driveway access.  You may use our template for basic site plan for assistance.